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The mission of LifeWay Health is to reach families with an innovative, integrative and patient centered model of care. We are a primary care practice comprised of all nurse practitioners offering services that include pediatric sick and wellness visits, primary care and health prevention/promotion for adults, nutrition counseling, weight management, and health coaching. 


Our goal is to work with families and create treatment plans that are both effective and manageable. We take your health and quality of life seriously and provide direction and support through uncharted territory to support the health and vitality of your family. With the growing trends of chronic illnesses such as allergies, autism, learning and behavioral disorders, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, an integrative holistic approach to caring for your health is essential. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all, and we take time with you, your child and your family to assess a variety of factors including environmental, relational, nutritional, emotional and physiological.


Our office will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that leaves you and your family with a positive association with health care. You can expect to receive guidance on safe and effective use of herbal therapies and nutritional supplements. We believe it is important to have grounded discussions on vaccinations that respect all choices surrounding immunization, and we support each persons choice regarding vaccinations. 

Call the office to schedule your appointment today! 828-761-1710. We look forward to meeting you. 

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