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Pediatric Care

At LifeWay Health, we know the importance of helping children grow up strong and healthy. It is important for children to receive excellent preventative care to ensure your child is growing and developing as he or she should. 

Our providers are board certified in Family Medicine and have specialized training and experience in pediatric care. We have a large pediatric population that is rapidly expanding.

We would love for your family to be part of LifeWay Health. Call us if you have any questions about caring for your child.

Everyone is concerned with viruses right now and some families have chosen to delay medical care. We highly encourage you to speak with our providers regarding well and sick visits. We want to ensure that our patients feel safe. The office is cleaned regularly with CDC approved supplies to kill all viruses. 

Our staff enjoys making your child feel comfortable in our office. We encourage you to have them bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal with them to each visit to help them feel safe. If your child enjoys playing doctor, please have them bring their doctor kit and help with their exam. We want your child to enjoy coming to the office and not be afraid.

We do offer immunizations to everyone. Our practitioners are non-judgmental when discussing immunizations and will respect families decisions around this topic.  If you are seeking immunizations for your child, we will be happy to guide you on the recommended vaccines. Vaccines are not required to be a patient at LifeWay Health. 

Are you currently pregnant looking for a pediatrician? Give us a call to schedule a meet and greet session. Picking a medical provider for your newborn is a big decision and we are sure you have a lot of questions. We're here to help!

Pediatric Urology

LifeWay Health is proud to be partnered with Pediatric Urology Associates from Charlotte, NC. They have been providing exceptional care to children since 1996. The pediatric urologist comes to the Asheville location once per month. Please call their office to schedule an appointment at (704) 540-3667. 

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