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What to Know About Covid Boosters This Year

Although the COVID numbers are on the decline, it’s still important to stay up to date on all of your COVID boosters or get your primary doses if you have yet to receive them.

Fall and winter are prime times for contracting viruses, and this is due to spending more time indoors in close quarters with others, the viability of viruses during colder weather, and a weakened immune system state due to abrupt changes in the weather, less sunlight, and seasonal depression.

The current boosters and vaccines cover the omicron variants B4.4 and BA.5. It is currently recommended that everyone over the age of 18 should receive their booster to protect them in the upcoming cold and flu season. The CDC is currently reviewing COVID-19 boosters for pediatric groups. Once the information has been updated, the CDC will quickly move to make them available for younger demographics.

Stay up to date on vaccination guidelines by clicking here to learn more about current vaccination recommendations.

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