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Staff Spotlight: Tori Warren; Office Administration Assistant and Aesthetics Specialist

Tori has worked with Lifeway for over a year now, where she does a little bit of everything, including EvolveX treatments.

She’s a people person who loves helping clients and her co-workers with whatever they need and enjoys problem-solving, making her an incredible asset to our team. In addition to her experience as our front desk gal and our EvolveX treatment specialist, she also helps with patient referrals and obtaining insurance authorizations for procedures and other healthcare services we provide.

Tori is a North Carolina native and enjoys various outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback and trail riding, spending time at the lake, as well as hanging out with her 3-dogs, 2 horses, and her fiancée. She describes herself as "caring, reliable, hardworking," and a "people person". She is looking forward to getting married to her fiancée in a few months and is excited for where the journey takes her!

Some of her favorite things about working at Lifeway are her co-workers, our company culture, as well as helping patients get the results they’re looking for from our EvolveX system; and seeing how happy they are after their treatments. She feels as though she is in a rewarding job where she gets to help others, learn new things and get into the aesthetics field, which she didn’t know she would love until she tried it.

When you visit Lifeway for any of your holistic healthcare needs, you will be greeted by our wonderful team, including Tori herself. We look forward to seeing you and we can’t wait to help you out with your individual needs and healthcare services!"

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