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Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions: Healthy Tips for Setting Yourself Up for Success

Ah, it’s that time of year again. A fresh start; a new beginning. You start thinking, “This is my year!” and proceed to make a laundry list of things you want to change or improve upon that you’ll “really stick to this year”.

A month or two down the line, you’re floundering and those goals become further and further out of reach until you decide that you’ll just go back to the gym next week, or you have a stressful day and all you can think about is having that glass of wine you’ve been dreaming about since you woke up. We’ve all been there.

Millions of Americans set out to make lofty new year’s resolutions each year but of those millions, only about 8% actually succeed You’re not alone!

This year, instead of setting yourself up for failure, and ultimately quitting on your goals, why not learn how you can make realistic new year’s resolutions? Keep reading below for some of our suggestions.

· Define your goals clearly. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight,” or "I want to get back in shape," be specific about how much you want to lose or what you want to work on and set a goal. Saying something like, “I want to lose 15 pounds in a healthy way so that I can feel my best,” or “I want to be able to run a mile without stopping,” are examples of more specific and thus attainable goals.

· Publicize your goals or tell close friends and family what you’re aiming to do. This helps build up a sense of accountability and can offer support on a bad day when you may just not want to do anything. Not only that, but if you reach those goals, you’ll have some comradery when it’s time to celebrate achieving those goals!

· Pencil it in. As adults, life gets busy and it’s easy to neglect goals because you think you “don’t have time”. Of course, you don’t have time, hardly anyone does! That’s why you have to choose to spend time on yourself. One way to help you stay on track is by scheduling time for yourself in your calendar or planner. It’s not selfish to set aside some time for yourself and practice self-care. If anything, you’ll be able to do more for others if you make sure you’re taking care of yourself first!

· Celebrate yourself and those “small” wins. Are you guilty of achieving one or two things on your to-do list that seem small or insignificant to you in some way and then moving on without acknowledging their completion? Change your perspective! Doing something is always better than doing nothing, and give yourself credit for those “small” wins. For example, do you often skip breakfast and want to do better about remembering to eat something? What if you woke up just a few minutes early one morning and you were able to make a quick fried egg or toast and eat it? That’s an accomplishment, especially if you’re not usually a breakfast eater. Celebrate that.

· Be kind and patient with yourself. Seriously, it makes a big difference. Whether you write down an encouraging quote on your bathroom mirror to reflect on or do something small for yourself like taking a warm bath or reading a good book, self-care and being patient and kind with yourself are necessary to help you love who you are and give yourself grace.

To learn more about how you can stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, click here!

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