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It's Nurse Practitioner Week!

Join us in celebrating Nurse Practitioner Week November 8-14. Be sure to thank any nurse practitioner that you know. This week honors their service and sacrifice.


We found some interesting facts about nurse practitioners.

  • There are 290,000 nurse practitioners in the US 

  • NP’s have a high patient satisfaction score of 9.8/10 

  • NP’s have proven to have excellent patient health outcomes 

  • They are less likely to prescribe medication without taking a thorough history 

  • NP’s are experienced nurses before going to graduate school so their focus is on the person rather than the disease.  

  • NP listening skills were superior to MDs, with 80% of NP patients reporting that the nurse practitioner always listened carefully, compared to 50% of physician patients. 

  • 89.7% of NPs are certified in an area of primary care, and 69.0% of all NPs deliver primary care. 

  • 82.9% of full-time NPs are accepting Medicare patients and 80.2% are accepting Medicaid patients. 

  • 95.7% of NPs prescribe medications, and those in full-time practice write an average of 20 prescriptions per day.

  • NPs hold prescriptive privileges, including controlled substances, in all 50 states and D.C. 

  • The majority of NPs (57.4%) see three or more patients per hour.

  • Malpractice rates remain low; only 1.1% have been named as primary defendant in a malpractice case.

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