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Excess Estrogen

Estrogenic hormones play a very important role in a woman's life. They are responsible for the feminine outward characteristics, as well as reproductive health and fertility. Too much estrogen, however, can cause problems. Because these important set of hormones cause various tissues to grow (like the lining of the uterus or breast tissue), high levels of estrogen can lead to:

  • increased risk for endometrial, cervical and breast cancer

  • intense PMS symptoms - mood swings, heavy bleeding, intense menstrual cramps and breast tenderness

  • weight gain around the thighs and hips

Some of the contributing factors to estrogen levels that are above normal are starting your periods at a very young age, consuming conventional meat and dairy products (which contain artificial estrogens), use of fragrance and chemicals in your body care and cleaning products, low thyroid function and an unhealthy gut microbiome.

Besides looking at your symptoms, there are also tests that can reveal abnormally high estrogen levels and even give information about how you personally metabolize estrogens, so these issues can be addressed with proper lifestyle and dietary adjustments, as well as appropriate supplements.

Make an appointment with our integrative health specialist to learn more. Call (828) 761-1710 to start working on your journey.

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