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Appointments are scheduled virtually at this time. Please send an email to Jacqueline to inquire about more information and to apply to become a functional health patient. At that time, you will be send more information including pricing. Health insurance is not accepted. 

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About Me

Let me introduce myself. As a young child, I was drawn to a healthy lifestyle. During my teen years, I was active in gymnastics and cheerleading. Once I graduated high school, I became a certified personal trainer and taught aerobics at many of the local gyms. To further my education, I went to nursing school followed by nurse practitioner school at Western Carolina University. I graduated with highest honors in both programs. 

What caused me to get into functional health? My own health journey. During FNP school, I developed an autoimmune disease and was actually told by a rheumatologist to "come back when you are sicker". This ignited my passion for researching functional medicine. I have participated in numerous functional health training programs to expand my knowledge of alternative health. 

Please reach out to me to schedule a consultation with you so I can help restore health for you just as I did for myself. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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