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Weight Loss Membership

Weight loss is a very individualized process. There is not a one size fits all approach to helping you succeed with maintaining a healthy weight. We have the tools necessary to help you find the plan that fits you.

Our practice uses a functional medicine approach to health issues. The same thought process works great is finding out the reason why some people can't lose the weight they want.

Our weight loss membership includes:

  • Weekly health coaching to keep you on track

  • An initial consult to assess your individual needs

  • Weekly vitamin injections to speed weight loss

  • Blood testing to check for health problems

  • Hormone testing to look for imbalances which precludes weight loss

  • A consult with your provider in the middle of your program

  • A consult with your provider at the end of the 12 weeks to evaluate overall 

  • improvement

Members also have access to discounts on genetic testing to determine how your DNA effects weight loss. You will be amazed to see how accurate the results are. The tests will show you diets and exercise that work better with your genetic structure. We have personally seen how accurate the testing is. 

Members automatically get discounts on other services such as aesthetics and massage therapy. These services make your weight loss story much more relaxing. You will be surprised on how your weight loss journey will improve your skin. Ask our aestheticians about how to look younger and improve your skin.

Body Measurements
On the Scales

Book your 12 week program now!

The weight loss program is all inclusive beginning at $169 per week

Possible additions to the weight loss plan are:

  • VO2 max testing to determine level of fitness

  • Resting metabolic rate to determine calories burned at rest

  • IV Hydration to boost general hydration, flush toxins, and give vitamins

  • Genetic testing

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