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Two Waiting Rooms

LifeWay Health is taking your health seriously. We are one of the few practices that is taking the drastic step of having two separate waiting rooms. We are structuring these two rooms to protect our generations of patients.

Our main waiting room is a restful, calming atmosphere that allows for adults and older children to relax and enjoy their time before their appointment. The second waiting room is geared to our younger population. This also protects our older population from childhood illnesses that often lurk at other healthcare facilities. 

We are following current regulations and are requesting for sick patients to quarantine themselves in their vehicles if possible. We have an online application that will enable patients to use their phones to virtually check in. We can escort you directly from your car to a safely prepared room. If you cannot wait in a comfortable vehicle, notify us so we can arrange a solution.

The safety of our patients is paramount. We are working daily to prepare to ensure that you can relax while at our facility. During this time of stress with ongoing viral infections, this strategy will keep your health our top priority. We want to reduce fear and anxiety that is often associated with healthcare. LifeWay Health is a place that you will want to come back to. 

Bright Room
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