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Telehealth Supply Kit

Are you a busy parent, business owner, or just too busy to make time for healthcare? We are here for you. Telehealth is a trend in healthcare that will continue to grow. The providers at LifeWay Health are experienced telehealth providers. They have been trained in telehealth and have even overseen large telehealth services.

For those who are not aware, telehealth is the term used to describe the process of using technology to see a patient without actually being in front of each other. Telehealth visits can be done by phone or computer. Your provider will have the opportunity to ask you the same questions as if you were in the office. 

We want to make your health a priority. We are making it easier to monitor you health than ever before. Purchase a home telehealth kit to give you the tools you need in the privacy of your own home. 

Our kit includes:

  • An automated blood pressure cuff

  • An non-touch thermometer which is great for adults

  • An oral / rectal thermometer that is accurate for adults and pediatrics

  • Thermometer covers for your oral thermometer

  • A oxygen pulse oximeter to monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood

  • A mirror that will allow you to check areas of your body that otherwise is out of sight

  • A notepad to keep record of your health history

  • Bandages and bandaids for those small soft tissue injuries

We can add the price of the telehealth kit to your next visit to make it more convenient. We can ship one to your home if that is more convenient.

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