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Special Weight Loss Offer!

Have you struggled to lose weight time and time again only to gain it all back?  Well LifeWay Health has a new Medically Assisted Weight Loss program that will not only take the weight off, but will also include Evolve-X treatments to help melt your fat away, tone your muscles and tighten the loose skin that fast weight loss causes.


To kick off our new program we are offering VERY special introductory pricing to a limited number of patients.


3 Months PLUS Evolve-X for only $1,799.00. 


Sign up for 3 months of our medically assisted weight loss for $1,799.00* and receive the following:

  • 13 Weekly appointments for medication and consultation

  • Plus, 5 free Evolve-X treatments to reduce loose skin and tone muscles

    • We’ll start you on the 5 Evolve-X treatments at week 9 of your weight loss program 


If you REALLY want to make the most of this special offer, consider the following add-ons:


Add-on 1:  Hormonal Lab Tests – these tests will give your physician comprehensive insight to make sure that other forces aren’t at work causing your body to retain weight.  We will test your blood sugar levels, hormone levels, and blood level, and if we find anything that is not as it should be, we can recommend treatments.


Cost for Add-on 1:  $xxxx


Add-on 2:  Health Consulting – partnering with a Health Coach through this process will exponentially increase your results.  Your coach will work with you one on one to develop a movement program and give you insight, tools and encouragement to change behaviors.  All of which will help you lead a more healthy and productive life.


Cost for Add-on 2:  $xxxx


*Total fee is due up-front, or can be broken in to three monthly payments of $650.00 each.

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