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Small Business Memberships

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Do you own a small business? Are you always looking for ways to improve on what you can provide for your employees? Would regular healthcare keep your employees at work and not sick at home?

Then our small business membership plan can work for you. We are able to customize a package for your business that fits your company, your staff, and your bottom line.

We recognize the stresses that healthcare brings. Some companies decide to offer high deductible insurance because that is all they can afford. The high deductible insurance plans often leaves people trying to figure out to stay healthy. Many employees will pay high prices of going to

urgent cares or emergency rooms when they get sick. This just puts more stress on them which carries over to productivity. Our goal is to ensure that your employees have a home for their medical needs without having to pay those huge monthly insurance premiums.

We can analyze your business and look for individual needs that suits you. We can tailor the services that each employee receives and we can come up with a number of visits per year that fits your staff. You can provide visits for their family if you wish. We know what it's like to need care and feel stuck.

After a staff member uses the visits that the company provides they can continue coming at a predetermined rate. This takes stress off of them. 

LifeWay Health is also able to provide DOT physical exams for businesses that require DOT medical cards. We can provide lab testing that is needed for their work. If COVID-19 is a business concern, we can include regular rapid testing into the cost of the annual plan. We are doing on-site testing currently for businesses with five or more employees. Several businesses come by our office for their COVID-19 testing. 

Call us to discuss your needs. (828) 761-1710

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