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LifeWay Health is always in search of high quality products to help you feel and perform better. We have personally used Mtn Ops products for over a year now and have decided to partner with them to be able to provide our patients with access to their products at a reduced price. 

Mtn Ops mission is very similar to our own. They use only the best ingredients in their supplements and take fitness serious. We like their goal of overall health and not just weightlifting like most supplement companies target their efforts on. 

The product line is very diverse. They provide products for cleansing, inflammation, weight loss, vitamins, and performance. One product that we really like is the Ignite line. Ignite is a drink that provides mental clarity and energy without using ingredients like most of the common energy drinks companies. Ignite provides a consistent boost through the day without a crash at the end. We have a sampler pack that we recommend for new users to try. The sampler is one of their high quality bottles, six packs of Ingite, a coupon, and a sticker. This gives you a way to try out the products and have a shaker bottle for any of your weight loss supplements.


Mtn Ops carries a full line of health supplements. We really like their choices of ingredients. They have supplements to help with almost every aspect of health. 


We are heavily using their immunity booster as we head into cold and flu season. The Immune packs can be taken by mouth or dissolved in water. They taste good and can be taken by children. The best part is the packs contain elderberry along with vitamins and minerals. 


Take a look at their website if you have questions. We are able to get any of their products for you. Just let us know. Come by our office and ask about how these supplements can help you. 

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