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Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

A promising form of treatment for COVID-19 is what is known as “Monoclonal Antibody” treatment. If you or a loved one has contracted the virus or you are high risk and think you have been exposed to the virus, Monoclonal Antibody Therapy may help. This IV infusion may lessen the time you are sick, prevent hospitalization or death, and reduce ER visits for those affected.

What is Monoclonal Antibody treatment?

This type of therapy relies on monoclonal antibodies to help build up the immune system and build up antibodies naturally through an IV line so that the body doesn’t have to work as hard to fight off the infection. It helps to prime the immune system if you are exposed to COVID-19, and help it win the fight against COVID-19. It targets the spike protein and these specific antibodies interfere with the virus’ ability to attach and gain entry into human cells. It helps to boost the immune system until your body can mount up its own response.

Who is Eligible?

Only those who have contracted the virus or those who are high risk after a known exposure are currently eligible for this treatment. In order to qualify, you must submit documentation of a positive Covid test or proof of exposure and have had symptoms of the virus within the past 10 days. This treatment is also only currently offered to those who are 12 years old and older.

Acceptable proof of exposure:
  • Clinical test from a doctor’s office, urgent care, pharmacy, or approved covid testing facility that shows a positive test. We do not accept at-home tests. They must be through an authorized facility. Recent proof of infection from our own office is acceptable.

  • If a test has not been taken, but there has been a confirmed case in your family, school, church, friend group etc. and you are high risk, (over the age of 65, have an underlying condition or heath concern such as asthma, obesity, diabetes, pregnancy, cancer, heart disease etc.) then you are eligible for this treatment.

About this treatment:

From start to finish, expect the process to take at least two hours. This includes the time it takes you to check in, for staff to gather the required supplies to begin the infusion, obtain vitals and infusion time.


Due to the infectious nature of these treatments, you may need to remain in your car for them to be done in order to limit our staff and other client’s exposure to the virus. Infusion time is 20 minutes.


If you have any further questions, please contact us to set up your appointment. There is currently no waitlist at this time in order to begin treatment. 

At our location, there are additional IV infusions that you may elect to get to help boost your immune system even further. We offer a variety of IV infusions for many health and wellness purposes.


Whether you’re looking to rehydrate, or boost up your immunity even further for with one of our special IV infusion formulas, we’ve got you covered.


  • Try our “Immunity Boost” infusion that includes vitamins and minerals known for helping the immune system such as vitamin C, Zinc and more.


  • If you need a pick me up from feeling run down due to illness, ask about our Myers infusion which is one of our general IV therapy formulas that contains amino-acids, additional fluid, and reviving vitamins and minerals to help you get to feeling better, quicker. 


To learn what is currently available for IV infusions, please head on over to our IV Infusions page.

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