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Law Enforcement Officers

LifeWay Health is glad to be able to serve you. We are happy that you are here learning more about us. LifeWay Health was formed after years of experience in public safety and emergency medicine. We strive to provide high quality service and care.

We are determined to provide you and your family with the care you deserve. We want to to make the experience nothing but the most positive. 

Our practice is set up to provide a wide range of services that can help you feel and perform better. You work in a high stress environment. We recognize that and want to protect your health. We have a wide variety of tools to ensure that we can care for each officer individually.

The office is set up to provide you with the option of a separate secure entrance away from most of the traffic. If you choose you will be escorted directly to a waiting exam room without passing through any waiting room. Our treatment areas are secure to provide you with a relaxing experience.

We are proud to offer each officer and their family with a discount on any service that is not covered by insurance. The laws surrounding health insurance are complex. We are not given the option to alter fees related to insurance claims.

On your first visit, please provide us with your driver's license, department identification card, and health insurance card. You or your family will not be required to announce any identify as LEO in the future. This will also ensure any discount is applied.

Please read through the services that we are able to provide you with. We have several tests which can help identify health problems related to stress or working in toxic environments. We can provide you with genetic testing which can even assist you with determining the best diet or type of exercise for you.

IV hydration is one service that may interest you. People who work in environments that promote sweating may be low on certain vitamins or minerals. We work directly with SONA Compounding Pharmacy to provide you with a variety of IV fluids to keep you operating at your peak. This allows your needs to be reviewed by a healthcare provider and a pharmacist to ensure the optimal treatments.

Please share this information with other law enforcement officers. We are trying to get the word out about what we are providing. 

Email us with any questions.

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