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Flu Vaccines

LifeWay Health is here for you during cold and flu season. The flu vaccine is often required by employers and schools. Others choose to take the vaccine due to their age or risk factors. 

Call our office to schedule an appointment. We can add the vaccine to an appointment for other needs as well. Just let us know what we can do for you. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make annual recommendations on flu treatment and vaccination. You can visit their website by clicking here for more information. 

Please take the time it takes to read through their website if you have concerns. We are happy to review your situation with you and make recommendations for you. 

We are currently supplied with the Afluria Quadrivalent vaccine. This is the recommended vaccine for people from 6 months old to 64 years old. People 65 and older are recommended to receive a high dose vaccine. Please call us to find out more information about vaccines if you are in that age range.

Remember that we will happily accept most forms of health insurance. We do accept self-pay patients and offer membership plans for those who are uninsured or who have high deductible plans. If you are a Medicaid patient, please contact us regarding the status of vaccines shipped from them. 

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