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Fire Service Physicals

The stress of being a firefighter can become unbearable. The National Fire Protection Association has recognized that fire departments should help keep their members healthy. One method of maintaining health is to provide an annual physical exam by a qualified medical provider.

In 1992 the NFPA issued its first standard on health. The standard has been revised several times since then and provides us with a baseline to measure the wellness of firefighters. About 40% of firefighter deaths are caused by underlying medical conditions.

LifeWay Health takes your health and wellness to heart. We are dedicated to ensuring that every firefighter gets the assessment they need. 

Fireman with Hat

NFPA 1582

NFPA 1582 has numerous recommendations for medical providers to utilize. The goal of the standard is to ensure that each firefighter is healthy enough for duty and gives an opportunity to prevent health issues before they become a problem. 

LifeWay Health wants to make the exam as convenient as possible. We recognize that Chief Officers need to ensure protection of their respective districts. Our central location allows for on-duty personnel to complete their exam without having to leave the area. The exams can be scheduled to minimize impacts on any calls for service.

Our office allows for personnel to park conveniently near the building and enter through a private entrance. This will allow uniformed personnel to bypass the waiting room.

The benefit of using LifeWay Health for your exams is that we can ensure a continuum of care throughout the year. Our care does not end at the completion of the physical. Firefighters will feel welcome to continue coming to LifeWay throughout the year for their healthcare needs.

Our aesthetics services are an additional benefit for firefighters. Services like massage reduce stress and increase health. IV hydration can make firefighters perform better during times of extreme performance. Our weight loss counselors can help firefighters stay at their peak performance. 

The Exam

The NFPA has a high standard for firefighters. The physical exam is intended to make sure that each firefighter can function in a high stress environment without suffering harm.

The basic medical evaluation includes a medical history assessment, physical examination, and any laboratory tests required to detect physical or medical condition(s) that could adversely affect his/her ability to safely perform essential job tasks. 

The exam is broken down into several parts. 


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Chest X-Ray

Have you ever wondered if immunizations from years ago are really going to work when you need it? We can do a blood draw called a titer which will test blood for past diseases or antibodies. Immunizations such as hepatitis B have shown to be effective for up to 30 years when given at a young age. 

Cancer screening?

skin cancer


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