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The Executive Membership

Ad executive

Do you work in a high stress environment? Are you always on the go? Do you struggle with having enough energy to keep up with the pace?

Then the Executive plan is for you. We designed this plan to hold nothing back to ensure that you are taken care of. The plan is built to take to the stress off of you having to worry about your health. 

The Executive plan is a no holds barred type of medical care. We don't hold back any expense to make sure you are well and to look for hidden health issues before they cause any problem. 

We want to ensure that you have a place to call home when you have a healthy concern. We provide you with a team that can make your health their priority. 

The Executive Member will get:

An annual Executive level physical exam

Complete blood work

Hormone testing

Cancer screening

Genetic testing

A one hour physical follow-up consult

Six 30 minute focused visits over the year

A monthly health coaching session designed to keep you on track

A functional medicine consult

VO2 max performance testing

Resting metabolic rate testing

Unlimited virtual telehealth visits for your busy schedule

The Executive Membership begins at $175 per month

*The needs for this plan may be modified for individual needs. 

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