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Single Parent

This membership plan is aimed at providing a single parent healthcare when Medicaid is not an option. Many working parents are in the situation where their income is above the Medicaid limits yet their health insurance doesn't provide what they need. 

This membership is a way for us to fill the void you have in your health insurance plan. This plan provides basic care for both the parent and child. We are able to make this plan scalable to your needs. The number of children or extra services can be customized for you. 

Mother with her Child

Single Parent

Each adult will receive:

  • A basic annual physical

  • Access to health coaching

  • Discounts on aesthetic services

  • Discounts on massage services

Each child will receive:

  • An annual well child physical exam

  • An annual immunization review

The family will be given seven focused visits to be used each calendar year. The visits can be used by the parent or the child. 

Begins at $119 per month for adult and one child

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